Recycled Cases

Our aim is to give to recovered fishing nets a new life, and help through our products the wellbeing of our oceans. That’s why our cases are made with elastane derived from ghost nets retrieved by the sea, and their internal coating is made of a material obtained from the recycling of PET plastic bottles.

What are GHOST NETS?

Fishing nets that have been abandoned, lost, or discarded at sea, on beaches, or in harbours are known as ghost nets. They contribute significantly to the larger issue of ghost gear, which refers to all types of fishing gear, including nets, lines, traps, pots, and fish aggregating devices, that are no longer actively managed by fishers or fisheries. 

What is the impact of ghost gears on the sea wildlife?

Each year, ghost gear traps and kills a large number of marine animals, including sharks, rays, bony fish, sea turtles, dolphins, whales, crustaceans, and sea birds. They can wreak even more havoc by suffocating coral reefs, destroying shorelines, and damaging boats.

Where do ghost gears actually generate?

Ghost gear is a worldwide problem. It can happen anywhere in the world where there is fishing, and it can also happen hundreds of thousands of miles away. Ocean currents can cause ghost gear to drift far from its original location and cross numerous borders. As a result, the gear can frequently end up all over the world as large conglomerates on beaches, coral reefs, deep sea, and open ocean.

What are we doing to tackle the ghost gears problem? 

In our constant commitment to reducing our impact on the environment we decided to tackle this problem using for our cases alternative and more sustainable materials derived from fishing nets recovered at sea and recycled. Moreover, all the internal clothing of these cases are made of material deriving from the recycling of PET plastic bottles. We decided to do pursue this path to strengthen our link to the environment and to make part of our mission the recovery of these dangerous and harmful waste that infest our seas. Our aim is to give to this recovered fishing nets a new life and help through our products the wellbeing of our oceans.