Compostable Packaging

Our TIPA® packaging is a option that fully duplicates the good qualities of traditional plastic packaging, such as moisture and oxygen barrier, shelf-life, lightweight design, and flexibility, but with an integrated circular solution for its end-of-life.

What are TIPA® packaging qualities?

TIPA®’s packaging is fully compostable and is made from a combination of various recycled, plant-based materials.

These natural materials are what makes compostable packaging so environmentally friendly. Other forms of packaging can create toxic chemicals or harmful particles when disposed of, but compostable packaging’s natural make-up means that it actually provides benefits to the environment when disposed of, and keeps our soil healthy.


Where can I put my TIPA® packaging when it reaches its end life?

TIPA’s certified compostable packaging is designed to be collected and processed along with food and organic waste.

It can be disposed both under home and/or industrial compost conditions.


How does home composting work?

Composting is one of the world’s most natural recycling systems. It describes a process where living micro-organisms break down organic matter (fruit, vegetables, branches, leaves, compostable packaging, etc.) into compost, or rich soil.

TIPA®’s home compostable packaging is made from fully biodegradable materials that will completely disintegrate in home compost within 180 days.